About Us

Dual Action Seat LLC

We are a boutique bicycle shop and cater to hard to find and unusual bicycle accessories and equipment. 

We manufacture Dual Action Seats here in New Jersey. U.S.A. to help those cyclists who have a medical condition by removing the traditional horn and installing rotating and swiveling seat pads. Dual Action Seats can be used on both moving and stationary bikes.

This innovative Dual Action Seat was launched some 25 years and serves cyclists in Australia, Canada, Japan, The Netherlands and U.S.A. 

Those who participate in Ultra Marathon Cycling, such as the Race Across America use Dual Action Seats as a temporary relief seat when a conventional saddle simply hurts too much

Leather Bicycles Seats

We search for unusual leather bicycle seats and found those in Italy and The Netherlands such as the AVA Vincera, Hygia, Lounger, Tourer, Unica and are selected to inspire you to go cycling!

Like our Dual Action Action, the Hygia is designed to comfort those who need pressure relief in the groin, perineum and tailbone.

European Cycling Gear

We discovered an one-of-a-kind lightweight water bottle cage which fits both sport bottles and store bought water bottles.

We also found  high performance sport glasses by Swiss-Eye  of which  "Novena" is recommended by Mountain Bike Magazin in Germany.

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